Are You an Empath or Just Hiding from Yourself?

The truth is possibly both. How do I know this? Because at one time we all have lived this reality. Many of us have been told that being an empath (small ‘e’) is bringing within the energies of the world. This could not be further from the truth. All we do is cause ourselves the pain and angst of others by accepting their fear. When we accept the reality (I believe) that being a true Empath is going within and being in touch with our creator, God, (or whatever name you wish) you have succeeded in experiencing the real Light Energy of the Universe. At that point, what we see on the outside of our physical forms becomes irrelevant. We can then put fear in perspective and hopefully become a positive influence on others instead of taking on their negative energies. If you choose to hear more on this, please check out my workshop 9/26. Go to If not, please go within and know the truth of you. Blessings to you.


I have heard about ‘energy vampires’ and have silently smirked to myself thinking, let them try. After all, who would dare attempt to suck the energy out of me? I am a strong willed woman by all accounts and could not conceive of being weak enough to allow anyone into my energetic space. Living in […]

Light or Dark … It’s Your Choice

What an amazing time of year it is. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet new people with a variety of spiritual views. The beauty is that each view brought everyone back to the same conclusion, there is One Source. If there is only God, One Source (and there is) and this God is […]

I Wonder …

As a young child, it came naturally to befriend a sad, crying or bullied child. I could never understand why it seemed to bring joy for some children to chide or torment others for their pleasure. After soothing my new friends, I would come away sad and confused when others turned their teasing toward me […]

Stepping into the ‘real’ world (outside of Sedona) always seems a little strange for the first few days. Outside of what is more commonly known as a spiritual community can be a little like culture shock at first. Surprisingly, the shock was minimal during my recent trip. And now I find myself ‘tracking’ why I’m […]

What a ride… Recently I was with a wonderful group of people and we were asked if any of us were feeling the extreme emotional energy swirling around the universe lately. Instantly it all came rushing up and out of me. I realized vividly that I had been living inside a huge whirling dervish for […]