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I have heard about ‘energy vampires’ and have silently smirked to myself thinking, let them try. After all, who would dare attempt to suck the energy out of me? I am a strong willed woman by all accounts and could not conceive of being weak enough to allow anyone into my energetic space.

Living in a renowned spiritual location, we are known to attract many types of gurus, healers, psychic etc. Along with this comes your assorted varieties of tricksters and carnies that profess all types of miracle cures. Sad but true, and so naive people are easily taken advantage, some are seriously emotionally damaged by what are called ‘energy vampires’.

Surprisingly, I believe I came across one and they may have actually attempted to what people call ‘jump me’. That is, invade my subconcious by mind control. For a couple of nights my dreams were invaded by this person’s name and face and suggestions of evil doings. It was rather confusing to me as I had never considered this person before and certainly never had thoughts like that. It then occurred to me that after joking with a friend that they wouldn’t dare try to ‘jump me’, I had actually dared this person to actually do so. It was a humbling experience for me and I realized I had let my guard down.

I am relaying this account to share how easy it is to be susceptible to unwanted and unholy energies. Once I acknowledged what had happened, I called upon the Divine Mother, Jesus Christ and my guide Metatron to surround, protect and guide me as I released all that did not serve me into the Universe. I told all negative energies within me that were not holy they were not welcome and must leave immediately as I am a Child of God and release all that is not holy from my body and Soul and Spirit. I repeated this for quite some time and expressed my gratitude to the Divine Mother, my brother Jesus Christ and my guide Metatron for their guidance. When I woke in the morning I was refreshed. Each night I continue my ritual of welcoming in the Divine Mother and releasing all that does not serve me.

I hope this is helpful and I send Blessings to you all with love.

Light or Dark … It’s Your Choice

What an amazing time of year it is. I have had the wonderful opportunity to meet new people with a variety of spiritual views. The beauty is that each view brought everyone back to the same conclusion, there is One Source.

If there is only God, One Source (and there is) and this God is perfection (and It is) and we were made in His likeness (and we were) then we are pure Light. And here is the point, there is only Light. So, if you are under the impression there is light and dark please rethink this theory. There can only be darkness if you close your heart. And to close your heart, you have shut out God. He is still there… the door has simply shut Him and the Light out. They not gone.

Recently I was told there is light and darkness in the world and I simply said, “Open your heart.”

Because we are depressed does not mean the situation that we allowed to put us there cannot be fixed. We shut the door, we can open it again.

I chose the darkness once and I chose again. I now live in the Light. Do you? You can. Remember, the light at the end of the tunnel IS NOT a train, it is YOU. Be the Light. Be the Love. It’s Your Choice.

I Wonder …

As a young child, it came naturally to befriend a sad, crying or bullied child. I could never understand why it seemed to bring joy for some children to chide or torment others for their pleasure. After soothing my new friends, I would come away sad and confused when others turned their teasing toward me after I helped someone. Although I thought I was showing kindness toward others, I wondered why my parents, siblings and schoolmates seemed annoyed with me. Didn’t I learn on Sunday mornings to ‘do unto others’? My heart always seemed heavy after helping my new friends however, it never stopped me. Something always encouraged me to be kind to others in need. And my sadness and loneliness continued.

As the years rolled on and my heart grew heavier, some people called it depression. Then I was blessed to meet a friend who asked how long I had known I was an empath. Excuse me? A what? Not familiar with this word, she began to explain. While I had been treated for depression for years, what she believed I needed was to learn how to transmute the negative energy of others that I had been gathering for decades. While trying to soothe their pain and sadness, I had been taking it into myself thereby adding to my own negative energy. In other words… according to my doctors… depression. Good for their bank accounts, back for my well-being.

I wonder why, with thousands (if not millions) of empaths in the world it is not common knowledge that transmutation is available to us. Why do we, as empaths, hide from the energy in public during such an important Spiritual time? THIS is the time when all hands on deck are needed! Instead of crying, feeling sorry for ourselves and staying out of large crowds because of the huge amounts of energy, we could learn to transmute the negative energy and go among the population to be of service where it is needed. But, only if someone reaches out for it. How difficult is it to hold out a hand? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

I wonder why or when we’ll finally realize we can actual discern what energy belongs to others and what belongs to us. Once we transmute the negative energy by releasing it to the Divine Mother, we will know what is truly ours to heal. For after-all, aren’t we here in this dimension to live the Christ within? To rejoin with our Creator? I know I can only do this when I heal what I have created and allowed. As an empath, I wish to be a living example of kindness and love.

I wonder … Do you?

Stepping into the ‘real’ world (outside of Sedona) always seems a little strange for the first few days. Outside of what is more commonly known as a spiritual community can be a little like culture shock at first. Surprisingly, the shock was minimal during my recent trip. And now I find myself ‘tracking’ why I’m not upset. How funny is that?

Not funny, ha ha, but funny, good. Previously, I would return to Sedona from my ‘out in the real world trip’ then retreat into myself for quiet meditation and refilling of positive energy. The truth is, I simply was not seeing the beauty and light in all that was throughout the countryside. I was releasing darkness that was holding on for dear life and waiting for the right moment to leap out and surprise me. By letting me think it was other people’s issues, I was convincing myself that I was separate from them.

What is amazing to me is that as long as I was in Sedona it didn’t seem to be a problem to know that we were all ONE. So… reminder to self… this Truth isn’t arbitrary… it is absolute all the time.

When I opened my heart and surrendered to God several years ago, my intent was not to live in a safe bubble. Surrendering to God made it possible to live free and know the Truth of my Oneness at all times, not just when it was convenient or comfortable.

I am very pleased to recognize that this trip (that has been several weeks through several states) has been eye-opening. The beautiful souls I have met and experienced have touched my heart. And they are the same souls I have seen time and again during other trips, I simply did not ‘see’ them before.

I am extremely grateful for the Divine Mother’s guidance helping me to see the light in all around me. When I stop and ask, She is always with me. I am so blessed. I love my life.

Living in a Whirling Dervish

What a ride… Recently I was with a wonderful group of people and we were asked if any of us were feeling the extreme emotional energy swirling around the universe lately. Instantly it all came rushing up and out of me. I realized vividly that I had been living inside a huge whirling dervish for the past few weeks and I didn’t like it AT ALL.

Being a person that prefers peace and love in the universe, I tried to reach out of myself to calm the swirling energy. I found myself being caught up in it. Pulling back from it was becoming more and more difficult each time I tried to settle the outside world. I seemed to be forgetting the simple principles that I thought had become second nature to me. God-Self-Others. How could this be? It’s such a simple principle.

Is it possible that I could be so egoic as to think I could single-handedly calm the world? Well that was certainly a kick in my heart. And I thought I was humble.

It is always about staying within and realizing there is only God. After all, I created the whirling dervish, no one else did. And that is why when I reach into it … away I go…

Lesson of the day for Dosi… remain One with God and stop looking outside as there is nothing else. The lessons never end. And that’s okay. I love my life.